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NICK'S Group is an expert company offering a range of professional upholstery & rug cleaning in Toronto.
Grace C
The technicians were professional, efficient, and used eco-friendly products to clean my sofa thoroughly. They first vacuumed the surface to remove loose dirt, then applied a gentle cleaning solution, agitated the fabric, and finally extracted the dirt and solution using a powerful machine. My sofa now looks and smells fantastic. I'm amazed by their expertise and will definitely be using them again in the future. Highly recommended!
Sunny Mendes
Thanks to Nick's Window Cleaning for an perfect job. Your team are really professional!😍😍😍 All my carpet, couch are very clean after cleaning. I was pleased with the staff. I will use your company more! Thaks!
I had a good experience with this sofa cleaning service😍 The technicians arrived on time, assessed the fabric type, and used steam cleaning to remove dirt and stains. However, I believe you meant to mention mattress cleaning. They cleaned the mattress by vacuuming, treating stains, and using hot water extraction. My mattress looks much better, but there were a few minor spots left behind. Overall, a satisfactory service that could use a bit more attention to detail.
Meghan Ricci
I am mostly satisfied with the sofa and mattress cleaning service I received. The technicians were professional and used eco-friendly products to clean both items. They vacuumed the mattress, applied a cleaning solution, and used a steam cleaner for extraction. A solid service that could benefit from a more comprehensive stain treatment.

Fabio Sammarco
Great people to deal with, from taking my call to schedule an appointment to having them over to do the job. Thank you.
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