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Why Choose Us?
    We are literal veterans in the field, as we have been in the industry for well over 10 years! The experience picked up throughout these years shows in our work since we make sure every job we perform is better than the last one. Experience and expertise are important in every field, and window cleaning is no exception!
  • A team of highly-trained specialists
    Each and every one of our technicians wearing the company's logo represents us, and for that reason, we maintain very high criteria of hiring and make sure our technicians undergo extensive training before they are put to work.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
    We care about your satisfaction in every aspect! Your windows, anything that will come in contact with the products, and the environment, are completely safe with our carefully selected range of green, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and natural cleaning products that will leave your house smelling fresh rather than leave a stench of chemicals behind.
  • Around-the-clock customer services
    We are available for your inquiries and bookings around the clock! Whether you need to schedule an immediate work, have an inquiry about any of our services, or would like to have a free consultation with our specialists, you can call us at any time and any day. Our customer service support is available 24/7.
  • Prompt delivery of services
    Unlike other companies with whom you have to book days or even weeks in advance, we maintain a large enough and a well-equipped enough team to be able to cater to multiple orders at once! What this means for the customer is that we can offer immediate next-day and even SAME-day delivery of services! This is especially convenient for customers who have urgent orders. We value your orders, and we strive to take care of them as soon as possible.
  • Free consultation!
    We value each one of our clients, and we like to give them all sufficient time to truly understand and go over which services they require, and what their individual cases are. To do that, we offer a totally free-of-charge consultation with a specialist who will not only hear you out and give you their professional opinion on what services you require, but you will also receive a full cost breakdown before you place your order. This maintains a better understanding and builds appropriate communication between us and our appreciated customers.
  • Full calculation of costs before the work begins
    We very strongly subscribe to the ideology of full transparency when it comes to revealing costs to our customers. We understand that clients may fear dishonesty when it comes to pricing, which is why we completely reveal all of the costs that the job will require. After the free consultation with the specialist, you will get the final price of the entire job. If anything extra happens to pop up, the specialist will personally discuss the details with you and agree beforehand before taking any decision. Our specialists recommend and give their professional opinions, but the ultimate decision is always in the hands of our customers!
Windows are more important to the overall look of the house or an establishment than one might initially think! Whether the windows are clean or not can make or break the first impression. Plus, with crystal clear and clean windows, you allow more natural light to enter your house, you maintain the integrity of the glass of the windows on the long-term, you get a better view out your window, and you, very importantly, prevent mold and bacterial buildup that could accumulate on the windowsill and on the windows themselves.

Give us a quick call and we will take care of all of that for you and MORE, no matter what type of windows you have, no matter how long it has been since they were last cleaned, and no matter the condition of the windows! Our team of specialists can handle everything!
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The services that we offer:
With an experience that stretches more than 10 years in the field, we know exactly what our customers need and what they want. With that information in mind, we offer you the following services at your convenience. Kindly keep in mind that full disclosure of all the prices, with details and specifics, are mentioned in the pricing page.
Window cleaning
This service takes the crown as the most requested of all of our services!

If you're a home owner, you definitely understand the need to maintain a neat curbside look to your house. And you are most undeniably familiar with the state the windows are left in after each weather change. We can carry out our window cleaning services in any weather, with spring, summer, and autumn being our busiest times.

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Eavestrough cleaning (gutter cleaning)
Cleaning the sewer is vital for preventing any sort of flooding in the water system in the house in case it gets clogged up.

This service is especially relevant to those whose homes are surrounded by trees! Trees will more than likely end up clogging your system, which is why they need to be manually raked out before the usual cleaning commences. Our team takes care of all of that, from A to Z! Depending on the volume of trees surrounding your house, the eavestrough will require cleaning at least twice a year. Maintaining this protocol and executing proper maintenance helps reduce costly repairs when replacing a drain system or when a home is heated.

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Repairing a downpipe
Downpipes can be repaired or replaced, and a redirection of vertical pipes can be done. Kindly note that we do not change the drains themselves, as a system.
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Drainpipe extension
There are several scenarios that we have come across, in which a drainpipe needed an extension. The house foundation may be porous and water could get into the basement, or you may simply want water to run out onto the lawn. This is basically the purpose of the drainpipe extension – to make sure the water is moving away from the wall of the house.
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Drainpipe replacement
While the industry standard recommends a 2x3" downpipe, based on our extensive experience in the field, we often recommend a 3x3" pipe as being the better option. This is simply to provide extra water flow. However, we understand that every structure is different, and we only give our concrete recommendation after your home has been carefully inspected by our specialist. Only then would we recommend what's best for YOUR home!
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Re-attaching the downpipe
As you already know by now, the downspout diverts all rainwater and debris away from the home. With such a major task being handled by this pipe, it is not uncommon for it to detach from the wall due to unclogging or some similar incident. We carefully re-attach the existing aluminum downspout to the wall with aluminum clamps and concrete anchors. This ensures that your downpipe is less likely to detach and require re-attachment anytime soon!
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Power washing
Power washing has, in recent years, been the most effective method of keeping outdoor surfaces spotless! It is also the SAFEST way of getting rid of all the tricky accumulated dirt, and all the contaminants from being out in the elements.

Power washing can be used on driveways, decks, patios, stone, asphalt, and wooden platforms. This service is ideal to clear out your driveway, prepare your patio for barbecue cookout season, and so much more! Call us and let the professionals handle it for you in no time!
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Holiday and Christmas lighting set-up
With every upcoming holiday season, you might begin to plan out your decorations. You may then start taking into account the tools you will need, the time it will take you to do all that you need to do, and you even start considering your limitations and whether you will actually be able to pull it off or not. But this holiday season, there will be no more worry! Take this magical time and spend some precious moments with your family and let us do the work for you. We install lights and decorations for New Year's, Christmas, and any other holiday of your choosing!

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Sign a contract with us, and we issue all the documents.
Our experts will clean windows with high quality and soul.
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Meet the team!
  • Meet the person behind Nick's Window Cleaning, the founder, Nick Ross.
    Nick has been able to maintain his company at the highest level in this competitive field for over 10 years, thanks to his experience working at a renowned 5-star hotel! After learning much about the trade, he realized the importance of the window cleaning service (amongst the other repair and cleaning services offered by the company). And with exceptional entrepreneurial skills, he took the industry by storm! Nick's Window Cleaning has risen to become one of the top window cleaning companies in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, with an overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction rate!
  • Meet our skilled technicians!
    Our technicians have been selected through a very serious hiring process to ensure that our team maintains and delivers the highest levels of expertise and professionalism to our valued customers. They are knowledgeable in all areas relating to the services we offer, and they are ready to happily and promptly get the job done, and get it done perfectly!
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